Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean (Area: 1,32,30,000 is the smallest of all the oceans. It lies within the Arctic circle, hence the name Arctic Ocean.

  • It is located near the North Pole and mostly remains frozen.
  • It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the eastern and western Greenland channels and the Pacific Ocean by the Bering Strait.
  • It is the Shallowest of all oceans, with an average depth of 1,500 m.
  • It has the least salinity of all the oceans, It has salinity of 20 unit per thousand.
  • Many scientists contend that it cannot be regarded as an ocean as it is not navigable. This is because it freezes completely during winters. However, its separate existence and its area spreading over 13 million sq km entitle it to be called an ocean.

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