Are Private tuitions a necessary evil?

Private tuitions offer academic coaching for students who need guidance in addition to their school routine. Today, apart from academics, students are made to partake in many activities. They are allotted marks for participation in sports and creative activities such as drawing, painting, dancing, and singing.

Should Sex education be compulsory in India?

Sex education is not only limited to the organs of reproduction. It aims at teaching young children the
difference between a good touch and a bad touch. Unfortunately, many families in India equate sex
education with sexual relations, and think that children will ‘eventually come to know about everything
related to sex’.

Should Military service be made mandatory in India?

If military service is made compulsory, youngsters will join the
training because they have to and not because they wish to serve their country. This will produce soldiers
and officers sticking around only to enjoy the benefits offered by the government.

Should the Reservation system be abolished in India?

In India, reservation was introduced to uplift the lower strata of society. However, over the years, the reserved classes have been enjoying privileges offered by the government without really contributing to the country’s progress.