Discuss the powers of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha reference to…

Question: Discuss the powers of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha reference to regulate proceedings of the House

Answer: Power to regulate proceedings of the House:

  1. Speaker presides over meetings of the House. He allots time for the discussion of matter mentioned in the President’s address. He decides who shall have the floor and all speeches and remarks and addressed to the Chair.
  2. The Speaker decides the admissibility of questions and all resolutions. He is the final judge to decide on the admissibility of a Motion of Adjournment.
  3. All Bills passed by the House are authenticated by his signatures before they are sent to the Rajya Sabha for its consideration or to the President for his assent.


The Union Legislature

The Union Parliament consists of the President and two houses—The House of People commonly known as the Lok Sabha and the Council of States known as the Rajya Sabha. The Parliament is a body of people’s representatives who have the supreme power and authority of governance in a democratic country. Read more

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