4 Major Electronic Industries in India

Electronic industries developed in India about 1950. It is the fastest-growing industry.

Electronic Industries in India #1

Telephone Industry

The Indian Telephone Industry was set up in Bengaluru in 1950. It manufactures equipment to meet the requirements of post and telegraph departments, railways, defense, and electricity boards. It also manufactures automatic telephone switching systems and teleprinter exchanges.

The Electronics Corporation of India at Hyderabad produces modular systems for nuclear applications and for use in medical, agricultural, and industrial fields.

The Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) at Bengaluru caters to the requirements of the defense sector, All India Radio, and the Meteorological Department.

Electronic Industries in India #2

Space Technology

It is supported by the electronic industry. The Indian Space Research Organization at Bengaluru, the Satellite Launching Station at Sriharikota, and the National Remote Sensing Agency at Hyderabad are important industries dealing with space research and satellite launching. India has launched various indigenous satellites such as the Apple and INSAT series. ISRO has developed rockets for putting satellites into polar orbits. Recently, India has also undertaken a Mars orbital mission.

Electronic Industries in India #3

Software Industry

The software industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing industries in India. India has achieved the capability of designing supercomputers. Indian industries also provide their expert IT services to global markets. Bengaluru and Hyderabad are two leading centres of software industries.

Electronic Industries in India #4

Entertainment Products Industry

As a result of progress made by the electronic industry, the television and audio industries boomed in the 1990s. BPL, Videocon, Onida, and Philips specialize in the sales of televisions. Many audio systems have also captured the vast Indian markets. Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Chennai are the main centres of production.


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