First Aid and First Aid Kit

First Aid

First aid is the immediate care given to a victim of an accident, sudden illness or other medical emergency before the arrival of an ambulance, doctor or other qualified help.


  • Wash the cut surface with clean water.
  • Press the area with a piece of clean cotton wool.
  • Apply mild antiseptic.


  • Loosen or remove the clothes from the affected part.
  • If the fractured part is an arm, then tie a sling to rest the arm in it.


  • If anything enters the eyes, then do not rub them.
  • Wash the eyes gently with clean water.


  • If someone falls unconscious, then immediately lay the person comfortably.
  • Loosen the clothes.
  • Let the person receive fresh air.

Heart Attack

In case of a heart attack, immediately lay the person straight horizontally and allow fresh air to come in.


  • Immediately wash the burned part with cold water for a few minutes.
  • Apply ointment to the burn.

Swallowing Poison

Try to induce vomiting.

Snake Bite

  • Immediately squeeze out some blood from the wound.
  • Tie a tourniquet above the site of the bite to prevent spreading of venom into the body.


  • Squeeze out some blood to force out the venom.
  • Apply some alkali such as baking soda or lime.

Artificial Breathing

  • Lay the victim flat on the back.
  • Fold the victim’s arms and press them against the ribs.
  • The most efficient method for restoring breathing is mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
  • In drowning, the back is pressed to expel water

First Aid Kit

A medical kit or box makes an effective storage solution to keep all first-aid related supplies and equipment required to provide immediate medical treatment. It makes it easy to carry medical supplies from one place to another. Also, it saves time to locate medicines when kept at one designated place. There are different types of medical boxes available in the market catering to the requirements of not only homes but also schools, hotels, offices and other commercial places.


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