Limitations of Computer System

Computer System is an electronic machine that is used to process raw data into meaningful information required by the users. It works on a set of instructions that are programmed into it in the form of software which helps them in processing the data and producing information as per the requirement. Following are the Limitations of the Computer System.

Limitations of Computer System

Although a computer system has various advantages, yet it suffers from certain limitations, which are listed below:

Has no mind: The computer system works as per the set instructions or commands were given to it. Unlike Human Beings, it does not have any common sense. So, if wrong instructions are given to it by human beings, it will work accordingly without applying its mind.

Lack of Intelligence: A computer system cannot perform a task on its own. It has to be programmed with a set of instructions to perform a particular function. Also, in case of any unforeseen condition, it cannot decide what exactly is to be done unless they are instructed to handle such a situation.

Cannot take its own decisions: As decision making involves analyzing data, comparison with already available data, and analysis of the present environment, it, therefore, requires intellectual mind, alertness, common sense, and intelligence. Since computers work on a set of instructions given, thus it lacks all the above features that are required for quality decision making.

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