Explain the military causes which led to the revolt of 1857

QUESTION: The Revolt of 1857 can be attributed to many causes. Explain the military causes which led to the revolt of 1857.


Military Causes which led to the Revolt of 1857

The Indian sepoys in the British army moved a strong sense of resentment at the low scale of salary and poor prospects of promotion. In 1856, an act was passed under which every new recruit was expected to serve overseas. This went against Hindu religious beliefs at that time.

The sepoys were deprived of the allowances for batta when they served in territories other than their own. Their pent-up emotions burst forth when they were ordered to use new Enfield rifles with cartridges greased with the fat of cows and pigs. The British lost their prestige and honour by their defeat in the Afghan War.

Annexation of Oudh made soldiers lose their jobs. No credit was given to Indian soldiers for fighting various wars for British Indian soldiers were ill-treated and made to feel inferior. The numerical strength of Indian soldiers was more than the British. It gave them the courage to fight against the British.


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