Petrochemical Industries

Petrochemical industries use raw materials which are generally the products of petroleum, LPG, and coal. These industries are located near oil refineries which can supply the basic requirements of naphtha and benzene. 

What do Petrochemical Industries Manufacture?

Petrochemical industries manufacture synthetic fibers, dyestuffs, synthetic rubber, plastics, drugs, and pharmaceuticals. They also produce fertilizers and insecticides. They also manufacture adhesives and resins for industries.

Advantages of petrochemical products

The advantages of petrochemical products are that they are cheaper and can be produced on a large scale. Raw materials are easily available. Many traditional materials have been replaced by the products of petrochemical industries; for example, jute fiber has been replaced by synthetic fiber, steel pipes have been replaced by PVC, and jute bags have been replaced by polythene bags.

Main Petrochemical Plants in India

  • Herdillia Chemicals Limited at Chennai manufactures acetone, phenol, and diacetone alcohol.
  • National Organic Chemicals Industries Limited is located at Thane near Mumbai. It is the first plant that is based on the latest technology. It produces ethylene, benzene, and PVC.
  • Petrofils Cooperative Limited (PCL), a joint venture between the Weavers’ Cooperative Societies and the Government of India, has plants located at Vadodara and Naldhari. It manufactures polyester filament, swimsuits, and yarn.
  • India Petrochemical Cooperation near Vadodara manufactures organic chemicals and fibers. Reliance Industries is located at Hazira in Gujarat.
  • Indian Oil Corporation has set up one petrochemical plant in Gujarat and two at Panipat (Haryana).


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