The Question Hour

The Question Hour (Interpolation): The Question Hour, Calling Attention Notices and Half-an-Hour Discussion are some of the devices to seek information from the government about its policies and performance in various spheres. Of these the most important is the Question Hour. The first hour of a sitting in both Houses is allotted for asking and answering questions.

The purpose of the questions is to obtain information on a matter of public importance or to ventilate a grievance. The Question Hour keeps the Ministers on their toes. It is a valuable protection against injustice and slackness on the part of the Government.


The Union Legislature

The Union Parliament consists of the President and two houses—The House of People commonly known as the Lok Sabha and the Council of States known as the Rajya Sabha. The Parliament is a body of people’s representatives who have the supreme power and authority of governance in a democratic country. Read more

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