Top 3 Sources of Water Pollution

Contamination of water bodies because of the discharge of pollutants into them is known as water pollution. Sources of water pollution are

Sources of Water Pollution #1

Natural Sources

  • Gases, minerals, humus and wastes created by living organisms are some natural wastes which pollute water.
  • Minerals such as nickel, sodium, lead and mercury also pollute water.

Sources of Water Pollution #2

Man-made Sources

  • Household detergents and wastes pollute water bodies. Water that is drained out after its use in various households is called wastewater. When this wastewater mixes with solid wastes such as plastics, animal dung, and human faecal material, it is known as municipal wastes.
  • When detergents and fertilizers containing phosphates are discharged into water, it promotes the growth of algae. This is known as eutrophication. Aquatic wastes interfere with fishing, navigation, and irrigation.
  • Industrial wastes include heavy metals and synthetic organic compounds. Discharge of these wastes into water bodies causes water pollution. Lead, manganese, and mercury affect marine life.

Sources of Water Pollution #3

Offshore Drilling and Oil Spills

  • Drilling of oil under the sea may prove dangerous for marine life.
  • Oil is transported to distant places by ships. An oil spill or tragedy at sea wherein the ship capsizes causes degradation of marine and aquatic organisms. It also threatens ecosystems that exist under the sea.
  • Oil may also spill into the sea as a result of offshore drilling.


Types of Pollution

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Effects of Pollution

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Abatement of Pollution

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