Top 5 Sources of Radioactive Pollution

The release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere, water, and soil mainly because of human activities is known as radioactive pollution. Sources of radioactive pollution are

Sources of Radioactive Pollution

  1. X-rays are used for detecting skeletal disorders. X-rays are harmful to human health because these rays can pass through genetic cells which affect chromosomes. This can hamper the development of the brain and can even cause mutations.
  2. Mining of radioactive ores: The mining of ores like uranium produces radioactive by-products resulting in radioactive pollution.
  3. The use of Uranium 235 and Plutonium 239 while testing nuclear weapons leads to the emission of radioactive wastes. These radioactive particles are then carried away by the wind to different places or are brought down by rain. This results in soil pollution which in turn pollutes water. Aquatic organisms then consume these radioactive wastes which are passed onto humans by the food chain.
  4. In atomic and nuclear power plants, fuels and coolants are sources of radioactive pollution. The radioactive wastes emitted by these power plants are extremely dangerous for living organisms.
  5. Radioactive isotopes are used in research laboratories. Used water from these laboratories pollutes various water bodies.


Types of Pollution

Excessive concentration of foreign particles or substances into the air which adversely affects the atmosphere is known as air pollution. Read more

Effects of Pollution

The presence of one or more harmful gases in the atmosphere is known as air pollution. Apart from these, solid particles like dust also pollute the air. Read more

Abatement of Pollution

Air pollution not only contains gaseous matter but also solid particles. Many devices and equipment have been designed to prevent air pollution. While choosing a device. Read more

Sources of Pollution

Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide, and unburnt hydrocarbons are some major sources of pollution. Metropolitan cities in India such as Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai suffer from acute air pollution. Read more

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