Tropical Desert Forests in India

Natural vegetation is vegetation that grows in the region all by itself without the interference of human activity. There is a thin line of difference between flora and forests. Flora refers to the listed species of plants. Forest refers to a large tract of land covered with trees and shrubs. The natural vegetation of a region is influenced by several factors such as temperature, rainfall, and altitude. India has a variety of forests and natural vegetation which differ from region to region. Tropical Desert Forests are found in the northwestern parts of India such as the semi-arid regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Climatic Conditions: This vegetation occurs in regions that receive less than 70 cm of rainfall. The temperature ranges between 25°C and 27°C.

Distribution: This kind of vegetation is found in the northwestern parts of India such as the semi-arid regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is found in southwestern Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

Characteristic Features of Tropical Desert Forests

  • The trees are stunted with large patches of coarse grasses.
  • Plants have long roots which go out deep into the soil in search of water. Leaves are waxy, small and thick to reduce transpiration.
  • Main species of trees are acacias, palms, euphorbia and cacti.

Important Species of Trees and their Uses

  • Ber: Its fruit is used for making beverages and pickles. Its wood is used for boat ribs, agricultural implements, and charcoal.
  • Babool: The tree’s bark and gum have medicinal value.
  • Date palm: It is used as an astringent. Its syrup is used for treating sore throat, cold, and fever.
  • Neem: It has medicinal properties. It is effective in treating diabetes, allergies, ulcers, and several other diseases.

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