4 Types of Plateaus

An elevated flat piece of land is known as a plateau. The upper part of the plateau is usually flat and is known as tableland. There are four main types of plateaus. These are

Types of Plateaus

Intermontane plateaus: Plateaus that are surrounded by hills and mountains from all sides are known as intermontane plateaus. Examples: Tibetan Plateau (highest plateau in the world), Columbian Plateau

Piedmont Plateau:
These plateaus are surrounded by mountain ranges on one side and plains on the other side. These are also called residual plateaus. Examples: Patagonian Plateau, Appalachian Plateau

Volcanic Plateau:
These are formed as a result of the flow of lava from volcanoes. Examples: Deccan Plateau, Ethiopian Plateau.

Uplifted Plateau:
During the volcanic activity, when the middle portion of the landmass gets elevated and has rounded sides, it is called an uplifted plateau. Examples: Chotanagpur Plateau, Ozark Plateau in the USA


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