5 Characteristics of Sedimentary Rocks

Sedimentary Rocks are formed by the deposition, sedimentation, and lithification of sediments over a long period of time. The Main Characteristics of Sedimentary Rocks are

Characteristics of sedimentary rocks

  1. Sedimentary rocks are also known as secondary rocks as they are formed from the sediments of other rocks denuded and deposited by the agents of gradation.
  2. They are largely found on the Earth’s surface, covering 75% area of the Earth.
  3. These rocks are generally not crystalline. They are soft and have many layers as they are formed because of the deposition of sediments.
  4. These rocks may have remains of plants and animals in between various layers.
  5. Sedimentary rocks may be subdivided on the basis of the nature of sediment, origin and composition.

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