What is meant by the term Cabinet in a State?

The Cabinet is a small and cohesive group consisting of fifteen to eighteen senior members who hold important portfolios such as defence, home affairs, finance, Parliamentary Affairs, Foreign affairs, agriculture, industries, etc.

The Cabinet is a small body of senior members of the party who are included in the Council of Ministers. Cabinet Ministers hold important portfolios and decide major policies of the government. The Cabinet is the nucleus of the administration as important decisions are taken by it. The policies formulated by the Cabinet Ministers have to be followed by other ministers. The Prime Minister selects the senior and the most trustworthy members of his party and advises the President to appoint them.

Term of the Office

The Cabinet and the Prime Minister are directly responsible to the Lok Sabha and remain in office as long as they enjoy the support of majority members of the Parliament. If the Lok Sabha passes a vote of No-Confidence Motion against them, the Council of Ministers has to resign collectively.

A Cabinet Minister has to take an oath of Office and of Secrecy—the ministers take an oath of neither revealing nor communicating information to any person.

The salaries and allowances to the ministers are determined by the Parliament from time to time.


Prime Minister and Council of Ministers

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