Effects of Radioactive Pollution on Human Health

Radioactive pollution is caused during the testing of nuclear weapons, the establishment of nuclear plants, and the mining and refining of radioactive substances such as uranium and thorium. Effects of Radioactive Pollution on Human Health are

Effects of Radioactive Pollution on Human Health

  • Radiations are extremely dangerous for human health as they produce harmful changes in the body cells and affect genes.
  • When people are exposed to radiation, their offspring may also be affected, and thus, mutations may be transmitted to future generations. These are known as genetic variations.
  • Exposure to radioactive pollution may cause damage to body organs. It may result in lung cancer, brain cancer, thyroid cancer, sterility, and reduced or defective eyesight.


Types of Pollution

Excessive concentration of foreign particles or substances into the air which adversely affects the atmosphere is known as air pollution. Read more

Effects of Pollution

The presence of one or more harmful gases in the atmosphere is known as air pollution. Apart from these, solid particles like dust also pollute the air. Read more

Abatement of Pollution

Air pollution not only contains gaseous matter but also solid particles. Many devices and equipment have been designed to prevent air pollution. While choosing a device. Read more

Effects of Soil Pollution

Effects of Soil Pollution – Human and animal excreta also contain pathogens. This may contaminate the soil and crops which may indirectly affect human health.

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