Independence of the Judges of the Supreme Court

Question: Discuss the manner in which the constitution seeks to maintain the independence of the Judges of the Supreme Court

Answer: The Independence of the Judges of the Supreme Court is ensured by the Constitution in following ways:

(i) Security of Service: The judges of the Supreme Court cannot be removed from office until they complete 65 years of age or they have been removed by the Parliament.

(ii) Emoluments not Subject to Reduction: Emoluments of judges cannot be reduced during their tenure until there is a financial emergency in the country.

(iii) No discussion in Legislature on the Conduct of Judge: This discussion is held only when the house wants to remove the judge, otherwise the discussion about the conduct of any judge cannot be held in any legislature.

(iv) Freedom to Announce Decisions and Decrees: The judges have the freedom to decide cases without any danger to their person, property, or fame.


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