Liabilities of a Partner

In accountancy, the meaning of partnership is similar to that in the general sense but with a greater depth. In our context, partnership implies the agreement between two or more people who have decided to carry out a business jointly. The main motive to form a partnership is to earn profit arising out of the business activities. Following are the Liabilities of a Partner

Liabilities Of A Partner

When a partnership is formed certain terms governing his relationship with the firm are also decided a prior that makes him liable in the following cases:

Competitive Business by a Partner: In case a partner carries a business that is quite similar to that of the firm and earns profits from it, then he shall be liable to pay such profits to the firm. The reason is that his business being a competition for the firm violates the very basic nature of trust bestowed on him by the firm.

Profit for self from a firm’s transaction: If a partner earns any profit for self through the use of business’s property or connection or through any business transaction then the profit so earned shall be handed over to the firm as it is. The reason is that a partner must not take undue advantage of the firm for his own personal gains. For example, rent from a business property belonging to the firm must not be taken by the partner, etc.

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