Mention two administrative function of a District Judge

The District Court is the highest court of the district, and it decides both civil and criminal cases. A judge who decides civil cases is known as a district judge, and a judge who decides criminal cases is known as a sessions judge. The administrative function of a District Judge are as follows

Administrative function of a District Judge

(i) The District Judge in his administrative capacity exercises supervision over all the Civil Courts in his District.
(ii) He maintains the leave and service records of all those working under him.


The High Courts and Subordinate Courts

The Constitution of India has provided for a High Court for each state. However, there may be one High Court for two states or union territories. This depends on the area and the population of the state or a union territory. There are 21 High Courts in India. Delhi is the only union territory which has a High Court of its own. Read more

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Human rights refer to freedoms and rights which should be available to all human beings irrespective of their caste, class, gender and religion. These rights include the right to life, the right to freedom of speech and expression, the right to equality, the right to education etc. Read more

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