Original Jurisdiction

Original Jurisdiction

Some cases directly originate in the Supreme Court and cannot be moved to any other courts than the Supreme Court. This jurisdiction is known as the original jurisdiction. Some cases which can directly originate in the Supreme Court are

  • When any dispute emerges between the Government of India on one hand and one or more states on the other hand.
  • When disputes arise between the Government of India and one or more states on one side and one or more states on the other side.
  • When disputes arise between two or more states.

Any individual can directly approach the Supreme Court if any of his/her fundamental rights are denied or are taken away by the government.

If the Supreme Court feels that a case being tried in the High Court involves a significant question of law and order, it may transfer the case to itself.

All cases where the interpretation of the Constitution is required can be directly filed in the Supreme Court.

Administrative and Supervisory Functions of the Supreme Court

  • Appointments of officers and staff of the Supreme Court are made by the Chief Justice of India and other judges.
  • The Supreme Court makes rules regarding the conduct of advocates and other persons appearing before it.
  • The Supreme Court had simplified the procedures in the area of public interest litigation (PIL).
  • The Chief Justice may recommend the transfer of any judge of the High Court. However, such a recommendation is not binding on the government if such a recommendation is made without consulting the four senior-most judges of the Supreme Court.

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