What is the process of Impeachment of the President?

Process of Impeachment of the President

Article 61 of the Constitution prescribes that the President can be impeached by the Parliament if a President begins to act against the provision of the Constitution or is found guilty of misusing his status and position or found involved in corruption. He may be impeached out of office. Charges can be framed by either of the two houses of Parliament by a two-thirds majority. A 14 day notice signed by at least one-fourth of the total number of members has to be given.

The other House investigates the charges and sustains them by 2/3rd majority of the total membership of that House, the President is impeached.


The President and the Vice President

The President is the head of the Indian Union and is the supreme commander of the defense forces of India. The President is elected indirectly by the members of the Electoral College. Read more

The High Courts and Subordinate Courts

The Constitution of India has provided for a High Court for each state. However, there may be one High Court for two states or union territories. This depends on the area and the population of the state or union territory. There are 21 High Courts in India. Delhi is the only union territory that has a High Court of its own. Read more

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