Story Writing

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What is a Story?

A story is an imaginary account about people or situations that is told for entertainment. Everybody loves to read or listen to stories. But writing them is not a simple task. In this chapter, we will learn the guidelines to writing a good story.

Components of a Story

  • Theme: The theme is the main idea around which the story revolves.
  • Setting: The surrounding or the time period where the story unfolds.
  • Characterisation: Characterisation is the process of portraying characters.
  • Plot: The plot comprises the main events of the story.


Samples of Story Writing

Look before you leap

A fox was once passing by a well after sunset. It had been dark. So he did not notice the well. He slipped down into the well. He remained there all the night and suffered much. Somehow he saved himself from drowning. Near that well there lived a villager. The villager had a goat. The goat was quite foolish. In the morning, while grazing about, she went near the well. The fox on seeing the goat said, “Come friend, you have not tasted such clear and sweet water in your life as you may find in this well. | have drunk and drunk and yet I want to drink.” The foolish goat was a bit thirsty. She could not check herself. She at once jumped into the well. The fox got upon the head of the goat and got out of the well.

Never believe the wicked

There was a tiger. He was very cruel in his youth. He was a man-eater. In his old age he became very weak. He could no longer hunt down any animal. So he suffered much for want of food. ad a gold bangle in his possession. He sat in an open place in the forest with that bangle. There was a road along that open place. When the tiger saw any man passing by he said to him, “Brother, here is a good bangle. I wish to give it to you. Don’t fear. lam old and infirm now. I now pray to God five times a day and do t will be useful to you. Don’t fear, come to me and take other religious acts. This bangle is useless to me. It will be useful to you. Don’t fear, come to me and take this.”

A man was passing by the way. He was simple and religious minded. He believed the tiger. He thought that he would help a poor man with that gold. He went near the tiger and was about to receive the bangle. The wicked tiger caught him by the neck and killed him.

A man and his ass

A man dealt in salt. He had an ass to carry loads of salt from a distant town. There was a stream on the way. The ass had to cross that river everyday. One day the ass fell into the river. Some of the salt melted in water. The load became lighter. The ass felt relieved to some extent. t became clever. It began to let its feet slip everyday. The dealer suffered a great loss. He became very angry. hic wanted to teach the ass a good lesson. He kept it without food for two days. The ass could realise its fault. le never did such a thing again.

The stag and the hunter

One day a stag was thirsty. He went to drink water in a pool. The water of the pool was very clear. The Slag saw his own image in the pool. He was charmed to see his own horns. They were fine to look at. So he admired them much. But he was sorry to see his thin legs. They were very ugly to look at. All on a sudden a hunter came up there with his hounds. The stag was afraid. He began to run away. His legs carried him as fast as they could. But his horns got entangled with the creepers in the bushes. He was unable to run away. The hunter came up there and killed him. His charming horns were the cause of his death.

The Lazy Tiger

Once upon a time, there lived a tiger. His mother named him Mkali, which means fierce. But that was a misnomer because Mkali was a lazy little cat. Nothing in the jungle could excite him. His mother Jasiri was an expert hunter. She had single-handedly provided for the entire ambush once when food was scarce in the jungle. She had also taught her other children how to prey on
hippopotamuses and how to tackle prey with antlers. She was very well respected in the Tiger community and had held the title of ‘Tigress Extraordinaire‘.

The carnivores of the jungle sniggered
when they spoke of her perpetually sleepy son. ―How could he be born to Jasiri? the Hyena Cheka said. Tiririka the python added, ―That boy wouldn‘t swat a fly if it were to be sitting on his nose all day. Mkali was never bothered. He loved his life; lazing around the river all day, returning home for dinner, feasting on the prey his mother had painstakingly caught and then sleeping on the thickest branch of his favourite tree.

One day, the unthinkable happened. Jasiri had cornered a water buffalo and was preparing to strike it down in one swift move. Suddenly, the beast swung its head goring her grievously. Her den was at a distance, so she had to drag herself all the way. Mkali wondered why his mother didn‘t call him for supper that day. Once he entered the den, he saw his mother moaning in pain. She said, ―Son, I think I will die. I don‘t know how you would feed yourself. Mkali‘s eyes welled up.

He was aware of his prodigal ways, but he didn‘t want to let his mother die thinking that her son could not provide for himself. Something changed in him that day. He walked to a nearby pool and looked at his own reflection. He saw in himself a fierce tiger who had finally realised his life‘s purpose; he had to make his mother proud.

Mkali started providing for his ailing mother. He hunted small animals first. He then graduated to preying on larger animals such as sambars. He gathered medicinal herbs and ground them. Jasiri‘s wounds were very deep, but with Mkali‘s loving care, she could walk again. The other animals were dumbfounded by his metamorphosis. Jasiri, on the other hand, was proud that her son proved everyone wrong.

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