What is Heat Budget?

The Earth does not absorb all the heat that is radiated by the Sun. The balance maintained between the incoming solar radiation absorbed by the Earth and the heat which escapes from the Earth into space is known as the heat budget. Following is an example of the heat budget of the Earth:

  • Of 100 units of heat which is radiated by the Sun, 35 units of heat are reflected into space by the layers of the atmosphere.
  • 14 units are absorbed by the ozone layer.
  • The remaining 51 units are received by the Earth.
  • Of 51 units, 34 units are absorbed by the Earth and sent back in the atmosphere.
  • The remaining 17 units are radiated directly into the space by the Earth.
  • Therefore, we see that a balance is maintained between the incoming and outgoing solar radiation from the Earth.

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