What is the Difference between Denudation and Gradation?

Rocks have to undergo the process of weathering for erosion to occur. During the process of erosion, rocks are worn down by moving water and ice glaciers. Eroded materials are transported and deposited in low lands. Thus, these processes of denudation, gradation, degradation, and aggradation are interactive and interdependent.

Difference Between Denudation and Gradation

Wearing away of landmasses by processes such as weathering, erosion, transport, and mass movements are known as denudation.Leveling of land because of the combined processes of erosion and deposition is known as gradation. The process of gradation can be divided into degradation and aggravation.
Water, wind, and glaciers are the main agents of denudation.Rivers, glaciers, winds, and sea waves are the agents of gradation.

Degradation: Degradation refers to the wearing away or lowering the land surface by erosion.

Aggradation: In this process, the landforms are elevated because of the deposition of various transported materials such as fragments of rocks by exogenic forces like river water.



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