2 Types of Political Parties in India

Types of Political Parties

There are two types of political parties at present—National and Regional political parties.

National Political Parties

  • A national party is one which is recognised by the Election Commission in four or more states and has a nationwide presence.
  • A political party is recognised as a national party if it fulfils the following criteria:
  1. It secures at least six percent of total votes in the Lok Sabha elections.
  2. It secures at least six percent of total votes in the Assembly elections in at least four states.
  3. It wins at least four seats in the Lok Sabha.
  4. Its candidates are elected from at least two percent of the total number of parliamentary constituencies in at least three states.
  • The Election Commission has recognised the following parties as national parties:

Importance of the National Party

  • National presence helps it to solve regional issues
  • Works for the upliftment of people and nation
  • Formulate policies for solving major national issues
  • The opposition party keeps check on the ruling party
  • It takes part in forming the government at the centre
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Regional Parties

Regional parties function at the state level. A political party that is recognized in less than four states is known as a state party. Political parties are recognized as regional parties if they fulfill the following criteria:

  • A party secures at least six percent of the total votes in an election to Legislative Assembly of a state.
  • A party should win at least one seat in the Lok Sabha from the state in the general elections.

Importance of the Regional Party

  • It looks into the problems and issues at the regional level.
  • A regional party with representation in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha helps draw attention of the nationalist parties and the people towards regional issues.
  • Many regional parties have extended their support to national parties. This helps give a stable government at the centre.
  • Regional parties can play the role of the opposition party if it is not a part of the government.

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