5 facts about tides

The rise and fall of seawater because of the gravitational forces of the Sun and the Moon are called tides. Sea waves produced by tides are known as tidal waves. The rise of seawater and its movement towards the coast is called tide. 5 important facts about tides are

5 Facts about Tides

  1. Tides and ebbs occur twice on the Earth’s water surface in 24 hours. High tides take place when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are in the same line. When their gravitational forces work together, high tides are formed.
  2. When the Sun and the Moon are at the position of right angles with reference to the Earth, the gravitational forces of the Sun and the Moon work against each other resulting in low tides.
  3. Every place experiences tides twice a day.
  4. When the Sun, Moon and Earth are in the same line, the tides are highest and they are called spring tides.
  5. When the Moon is in its first and last quarter, the ocean water gets pulled in the opposite direction of the Moon by the Sun’s and Earth’s gravitational force causing low tides. These tides are also known as neap tides.

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