Importance of Tides

The rise and fall of seawater because of the gravitational forces of the Sun and the Moon are called tides. Sea waves produced by tides are known as tidal waves. The rise of seawater and its movement towards the coast is called tide. Importance of Tides are

Importance of Tides

  • Tides can cause a change in the landforms of the Earth. While tides can destroy the coastlines, they also help in the formation of creeks and inlets.
  • Strong tides help in building lower floodplains of rivers. These are very fertile.
  • Because the debris is swept away by the tides, they help keep the harbours clean.
  • In cold countries, tides bring in saltwater to the shore and their continuous movement prevent the harbour from becoming ice bound.
  • The low-lying areas of the sea coast during high tides trap water which is used for the manufacturing of salt. Salt is manufactured along the west coast of India in this manner.
  • The alternate rise and fall of tides help fisherman to sail out and return to the coast.
  • Tidal energy is fast becoming an important source of non-convectional sources of energy. They are used in the production of electricity along the Gulf of Kachchh in Gujarat.

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