6 Proposals of the Cripps Mission

When the Japanese army began to advance quickly towards the Indian borders, the government sent Sir Stafford Cripps to India to garner the support of Indians and to break the political deadlock. The Cripps Mission proposed some constitutional reforms. The Proposals of Cripps Mission are as follows

Proposals of the Cripps Mission

  1. To give Dominion Status to India after the end of the war.
  2. Setting up of the Constituent Assembly which would consist of members elected by the Lower House of the Indian Legislature and the representatives of the Princely States nominated by the rulers.
  3. Formation of the Federation of British India and the Indian states.
  4. The Provinces had the choice of joining or not joining the Indian Union. If they did not wish to join the Indian Union, they could form their own Constitution and they were to be given the same status as the Indian Union.
  5. To make constitutional provisions to protect and guard the racial and religious minorities.
  6. During the First World War, the Viceroy would be responsible for maintaining the defenses of the country. After the War, the Indian government would reorganize its own defenses.

Failure of the Cripps Mission

The mission failed and was not accepted by the political parties in India because of the following reasons:

  • It did not promise complete independence to the country.
  • The League rejected the proposals as it did not talk about giving a separate state to the Muslims.
  • The Hindu Mahasabha rejected the proposals as it feared the partition of the country.
  • Other minorities such as the Sikhs, Anglo Indians, Christians and Dalit leaders refused to accept the terms as they felt that the proposals did not safeguard their interests.
  • The Congress opposed the principle of non-accession of the Provinces. It wanted all subjects including the Defence to be handed over to the people of India.

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