Assertive Nationalists

The Indian National Congress in its initial years was dominated by the early nationalists who wanted self-government for the Indians. They believed in agitating within constitutional limits. After 1905, emerged the nationalist leaders who believed in the radical policy. They wanted complete independence from British control. They had mass followers. These nationalists came to be […]

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Functions of UNESCO

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization was set up on 4 November 1946. The objectives of UNESCO are to promote peace and security in the world by promoting cooperation among various nations through education, science and cultural exchange. It is headquartered in Paris. The functions of UNESCO are Functions of UNESCO in Education To

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Functions of WHO

The World Health Organization is a specialized agency for health. 7 April is celebrated as World Health Day every year. The objective of the World Health Organization is to make efforts to help people to reach the highest level of health. WHO has defined health as a state of complete well-being. The headquarters of WHO

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Functions of UNICEF

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) was set up by the UN General Assembly to help children who suffered during the Second World War. It also catered to the needs of the children in post-war Europe. Later, it began fulfilling the needs of all developing nations in the world. Currently, the agency is

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Functions of the Security Council

Security Council is an executive body of the United Nations. It consists of 15 members. It has five permanent members—China, France, Russia, Britain and the United States of America. Ten other non-permanent members consist of 5 members from the Afro-Asian countries, 2 members from the Latin American countries, 2 members from the West European countries

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