Mathematics Class 10

Equation of a Line

The angle which a straight line makes with the positive direction of the x-axis measured in the anticlockwise direction is called the inclination (or angle of inclination) of the line. The inclination is usually denoted by θ. If θ is the inclination of a line l, then tan θ is called the slope or gradient […]

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A set of mn numbers arranged in the form of a rectangular array of m rows and n columns is called an m x n matrix. Each number or entity in a matrix is called its element. In a matrix, the horizontal lines are called rows, whereas the vertical lines are called columns. If a

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Shares and Dividends

A share is one of a finite number of portions in the capital of a company. The person who subscribes to shares is called a shareholder. The dividend is the profit that the company distributes to the shareholders at the end of the financial year. Nominal Value (N.V.) or face value (F.V.) is the original

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