Causes of Volcanic Eruption

Forces and movements arising from the interior of the Earth and causing horizontal and vertical movements are known as endogenic forces. The two kinds of endogenic forces are diastrophic and sudden movements. Volcanoes are caused by sudden movements occurring in the Earth’s interior. The Main Causes of Volcanic Eruption are discussed here

A volcano is a vent or an opening in the Earth’s crust from which hot magma erupts from the interior of Earth. Volcanoes are generally caused because of the following reasons:

Main Causes of Volcanic Eruption

Presence of heat and pressure in the Earth’s interior: The heat and pressure increase as one moves towards the interior of the Earth. Because rocks are bad conductors of heat, the heat gets trapped inside and builds great pressure. This pressure forces the heat to come out to the surface of the Earth through fissures and cracks.

Movement of tectonic plates: The movement of tectonic plates causes a volcanic eruption. Most volcanic eruptions take place near the plate margins.

Magma chamber: Every volcano has a magma chamber that consists of molten rock materials. Because magma contains silicate, gases, and water vapour, the pressure always acts vertically upwards. When it finds a route, the volcano erupts resulting in the outpouring of lava on the surface of the Earth.



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