The Structure and Product of a Volcano

Volcanoes are caused by sudden movements occurring in the Earth’s interior. A volcano is a vent or an opening in the Earth’s crust from which hot magma erupts from the interior of Earth. The structure and Product of a Volcano are discussed below.

Structure of a Volcano

Vent: It is an opening from which hot magma flows out to the surface of the Earth. It is a circular pipe-like structure. Crater: It is a circular depression in the ground caused by volcanic activity.

Magma chamber: It is here that the hot magma is stored beneath a volcano.

Volcanic cone: A volcanic cone is formed when erupted fluid and semi-fluid material begins to cool down and solidify around the vent. It is a landform caused by volcanic eruptions.

Products of a Volcano

  • Lava is the magma (hot molten fluid) that comes out onto the surface of the Earth.
  • Pyroclasts are the solid fragments of rock pieces that come out on the surface of the Earth during a volcanic eruption. The finest rock particles are known as dust.
  • Lapilli are small stone-sized particles.
  • Gases erupted are hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen. A volcanic eruption is generally accompanied by steam.



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