5 Methods of Contraception

With the current growth in population, it is necessary to educate people about the need to control population growth and the steps which can be taken. Awareness should be created about population problems. People need to be aware about the advantages of having small families and the disadvantages of having many children. People need to be aware about the Methods of Contraception also. In this Article We will be discussing about the different Methods of Contraception.

1. Hormonal Method

Various hormonal preparations come in the form of tablets or pills commonly called contraceptive pills.

2. Barrier Methods


  • Used by men.
  • It prevents the sperms from being deposited in the vagina.


  • It can be fitted deep in the vagina to prevent the entry of sperms into the uterus.


  • These chemicals are placed in the vagina near the cervix to kill the sperms.

3. Intra-uterine Devices(IUDs)

  • Lippe’s Loop and Copper T are intra-uterine devices.
  • Commonly used in India.
  • They are fitted inside the uterus.
  • These devices do not stop fertilization but prevent the implantation of the blastocyst.

4. Surgical Methods


  • In women, the abdomen is opened and the fallopian tubes are cut or ligated, i.e. tied with a nylon thread.
  • This closes the passage of the ovum.


  • In men, a small cut is made in the scrotum and the vas deferens is ligated.
  • A small piece between the two ligatures is removed.
  • Therefore, between the couple, it is recommended that the husband should be operated.

5. Induced Abortion

  • It is also known as Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP).
  • If a woman becomes pregnant and the couple is not willing to have the baby, then the option of induced abortion is chosen.
  • Abortion is legally permitted and can be requested by any desirous female at any government hospital at no cost


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