Difference between Cyclone and Anticyclone

Cyclones are variable winds. In low latitudes, an intense depression with low-pressure conditions develops, known as tropical cyclones. These last only for few days. Anti-cyclones represent calm weather. Winds blow gently in the clockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere and in the anti-clockwise direction in the Southern Hemisphere. The Main Difference between Cyclone and Anticyclone …

Difference between cyclone and anticyclone

It is a low-pressure system with surroundings of high pressure.It is a high-pressure system with surroundings of low pressure
It blows anti-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere.It blows clockwise in the Northern
It blows clockwise in the Southern HemisphereIt blows anti-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.
It is associated with cloudy skies, heavy rainfall with stormy winds.It is associated with clear skies, mild winds, and dry conditions.
It can cause great damage to life and property if precautions are not taken.The weather is settled and pleasant.

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