Difference between Tropical and Temperate Cyclone

Cyclones are variable winds. In low latitudes, an intense depression with low-pressure conditions develops, known as tropical cyclones. Because of the Coriolis Effect, the cyclones blow in an anti-clockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. The main difference between tropical and temperate cyclone…

Difference between Tropical and Temperate Cyclone

Tropical CyclonesTemperate Cyclones
They originate between 8° and 20°
north and south of the oceans in the
tropical regions.
These are active over mid-latitudinal
regions between 35° and 65° latitudes in
both hemispheres.
These are produced and developed
mainly over the sea.
These are produced over both land and
These are limited to small areas and
generally travel from east to west.
They comparatively cover a large area and
generally move from west to east.
The wind is calm at the centre of tropical
cyclones with no rainfall.
The wind is strong and rainfall occurs at the
centre of temperate cyclones.

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