Difference between Hinayana and Mahayana

The points of difference between the Mahayana and Mahayana and the Hinayana are mentioned below:

🌾 The Hinayanists belonged to the original sect, looking upon Buddha as their teacher and guide and following his simple teachings. They did not look at Buddha as an incarnation of God or as a Saviour.

🌾 The Eight-Fold Path was strictly obeyed by the followers of Hinayana that constituted on good deeds and holy life. The Mahayanists found the concept of Nirvana to be too cold and remote. New ideas of gorgeous heavens came to be developed by them.

🌾 The Hinayanists rejected idol worship. Buddha was represented only in Symbols such as a pair of footprints or an empty seat.

🌾 The Pali script was exercised by the Hinayanists to preach their faith and for write their sacred literature. The Mahayanists adopted Sanskrit for the writing of the holy texts.

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