Mention three Disciplinary functions of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha

Answer: Three Disciplinary functions of the Speaker are as follows:

Disciplinary functions of the Speaker

  1. The Speaker maintains order in the House. He may name a member for suspension, if he disregards the authority of the Chair. In case of grave disorder, he can adjourn the House.
  2. If the Speaker is of the opinion that a word or words used in the debate are indecent or unparliamentary, he may expunge such words from the proceedings of the House.
  3. The Speaker decides whether there is a prima facie case regarding breach of privilege or contempt of the House.


The Union Legislature

The Union Parliament consists of the President and two houses—The House of People commonly known as the Lok Sabha and the Council of States known as the Rajya Sabha. The Parliament is a body of people’s representatives who have the supreme power and authority of governance in a democratic country. Read more

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