Events Leading to the Cabinet Mission Plan

Do you know? The Cabinet mission Plan proposed the formation of the federal union of the British Provinces and princely states in India. The Central Government was to have control of the defense, foreign affairs, and communications in the country. In this article, you will learn about all Events Leading to the Cabinet Mission Plan.

Events that led to the Cabinet Mission Plan

Changes in Britain

After the Second World War, the USA and Russia emerged as two supreme powers in the world. Both countries supported India’s demands for freedom. In the parliamentary elections in Britain, the Conservatives were replaced by the Labour Party. Most of the members of the Labour Party supported the demands made by Congress. The British soldiers had fought the war for six years, and they had no desire to spend more years suppressing the Indians in their demand for independence.

Revolts in the Administrative Agencies

The government of Britain could no longer rely on Indians for any administrative work or for suppressing the Indian National Movement. The INA showed that patriotic ideas had entered the ranks of the Indian army too.

The revolt of Indian Naval Ratings at Mumbai in 1946 also made it difficult for the government to maintain its control over the military ranks. There were also strikes by the Royal Indian Air Force. Patriotic sentiments were also creeping into the Police and Civil Services.

Labour Unrest

Labour unrest was increasing in the country. In July 1946, there was an all-India strike by postal and telegraph workers. There was a strike by railway workers in August 1946. Peasants in Bengal started the Tebhaga Struggle and decided that they would not pay one-half but one-third of the produce to the landlords. Struggles against high rent rates took place in Hyderabad, Malabar, Bengal, UP, Bihar, and Maharashtra. At this time, nationalist ideas were spreading to different parts of the country and people were demanding complete independence from British rule.

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