How is the Vice-President of India elected and what are his functions?

The Vice-President of India is elected by an ‘Electoral College’ consisting of members of both the Houses of Parliament. The procedure of his election consists of a secret ballot proportional representation and a single transferable vote. An absolute majority of votes polled is required for the election of the Vice-President of India.

Functions of the Vice-President of India

(i) The Vice-President of India is the Ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. He presides over the meetings of the Rajya Sabha.

(ii) The Vice-President of India officiates as the President for six months till a new President is elected.

(iii) The Vice-President can also act as a President when the latter is unable to discharge his functions due to illness, resignation, removal, and absence. When the Vice-President discharges the functions of the President, he is entitled to the same privileges and powers.


The President and the Vice President

The President is the head of the Indian Union and is the supreme commander of the defense forces of India. The President is elected indirectly by the members of the Electoral College. Read more

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