India’s Current Environment Scenario

The environment provides us with tangible resources such as minerals, water and soil. These are gifts of nature. These resources act as inputs for converting natural resources into productive and useful things. The following is a detailed discussion of India’s Current Environment Scenario.

India’s Current Environment Scenario

India is fortunate to have abundant natural resources in the form of fertile soil, rivers and tributaries, forests, mineral deposits, mountains, etc. The Indo-Gangetic plains are the most fertile, densely populated and cultivated plains in the world. It stretches from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal. Similarly, the black soil of the Deccan Plateau is most suitable for the cultivation of cotton.

India’s lush green forests serve as a natural cover for a variety of wildlife species. Our country is endowed with numerous minerals such as coal, natural gas, copper and diamond. India holds more than 20% of the world’s total iron ore reserves. In addition, it also has a vast variety of flora. It is estimated that our country is home to around 15000 species of plants.

However, with time, the developmental activities in India have exerted tremendous pressure on natural resources. They have also affected human health and well-being. Population explosion and affluent consumption patterns have placed an undue and excess burden on the environment. Environmental resources are being increasingly exhausted day by day.

However, the rate of consumption (demand) of natural resources far exceeds the rate of replenishment (supply). This is because the regeneration capacity of the environment is constant, and it cannot be increased to accommodate the increase in our demands. Consequent to the over-exploitation of natural resources, various environmental problems have cropped up in India.

Pollution levels have increased tremendously. Rivers and lakes are drying up. Deforestation has reduced the forest cover. More and more land is becoming degraded. Slowly, India is losing its rich biodiversity. Measures need to be taken to arrest the environmental degradation resulting from various environmental problems and restore the ecological balance of the country.

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