Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean (Area: 166,240,000 sq. km) is the largest ocean in the world. It is the deepest ocean with an average depth of 4,200 m.

  • The Explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who Circumnavigated the Earth, named the ocean ‘Pacific’ meaning calm or peaceful.
  • It is the largest and the deepest ocean in the world. It is oval.
  • It is bounded by North America and South America in the east and Asia and Australia in the west.
  • It has a much shorter and more regular coastline and has fewer harbours than the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Because its shores are not bordered by very fertile and commercial lands, it is commercially less important than the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Mariana Trench, the deepest known point on the Earth’s surface with a depth of 11,033 m, is located in the Pacific Ocean.

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