How does the Supreme Court act as Custodian of the Constitution?

The Supreme Court is the highest court of appeal in the country. It is located in New Delhi. The Highest Court of India consists of the Chief Justice of India and not more than 25 other judges. The President appoints the judges of the Supreme Court in consultation with the other judges of the Supreme Court, High Court and Council of Ministers. The senior most judge is made the Chief Justice of India. How does the Supreme Court act as Custodian of the Constitution is discussed below

The Supreme Court act as Custodian of the Constitution

As the custodian of the Constitution, the Supreme Court has been equipped with the power of judicial review to check the arbitrary power of the Executive. Supreme Court can review the laws passed by the Legislature and the orders issued by the
Executive and declare them void, if they are not in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. In India, Parliament and State Legislature can exercise their powers subject to the limitations, imposed by the Constitution. The Constitution has imposed definite limitations upon each of the organs, and it is for the Courts to decide whether any of the Constitutional limitations have been transgressed or not. No organ of the Government, whether Union or State can violate the provisions of the Constitution.


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