Why Judges of Supreme Court are prohibited to practice after retirement?

Prohibition of practice after retirement: The Judges of the Supreme Court and High Court receive good pensions but they are not permitted to practice as Lawyers after their retirement. This restriction has been laid down so that the Judges do not feel obliged during their tenure as Judges to any prospective employers. On the other hand, they could influence their former colleagues in the judiciary if they are allowed to practice.


Prime Minister and Council of Ministers

India has a parliamentary form of government in which the Prime Minister is the real head of the country. The President is the nominal head who acts on the advice of the Prime Minister. Read more

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Human rights refer to freedoms and rights which should be available to all human beings irrespective of their caste, class, gender, and religion. These rights include the right to life, the right to freedom of speech and expression, the right to equality, the right to education, etc. Read more

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