Changes introduced in the administrative setup of British territories in India

QUESTION: The great outbreak of 1857 brought about important changes in the character of the Indian Administration and the future development of the country. In this context discuss the changes introduced in the administrative set-up of the British territories in India. Or “The great rising of 1857 was an important event which produced for reaching results in India’s struggle for freedom”. In this context, explain the reorganization of the Army.


Changes introduced in the administrative set-up:

The war ended the East India Company’s rule in India and brought the Indian Empire under the direct control of the British Crown. Queen Victoria became the Empress of India.

The Act of 1858 abolished the Company’s Board of Control and the Board of Directors. All their powers were transferred to a Cabinet Minister, known as the Secretary of State. He was to be advised by a council consisting of 15 members.

The designation of the Governor-General was changed to Viceroy. It was his duty to run the Indian Administration on behalf of the Crown. He was under the control of the Secretary of State for India.

It was decided that appointments to the civil service were to be made by open competition under rules made by the Secretary of State and the Council.


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