What Factors Affecting Rainfall?

The droplet of water that precipitates from clouds is known as rainfall. It is the most common form of precipitation. Factors Affecting Rainfall are

Factors Affecting Rainfall

Land and Sea Contrast: Coastal areas receive more rainfall than the places which are located in the interiors of the continents.

Direction of Winds: Winds which blow from oceans to land bring more rainfall than the winds which blow from the interior of the land.

Presence of Mountains: When winds strike the mountains, it sheds its moisture on the windward side. Thus, places located on the windward side of the mountains receive more rainfall than places that are located on the leeward side.

Rainfall is measured by an instrument known as rain gauge. It is a large metal cylinder. A funnel is fitted on the top of a glass bottle kept in the cylinder. The cylinder is placed above the level of the funnel to ensure that the rain is not splashed out of the funnel.

What is Frontal Rainfall?

Frontal rainfall occurs when the warm and the cold air meet each other. Because the warm air is lighter, it rises above the cold air. The rising air is then cooled beyond the saturation point resulting in heavy rainfall.

What is Orographic Rainfall?

Orographic rainfall is also known as relief rainfall. When the moisture-bearing winds strike a mountain range, it is forced to ascend.

What is Convectional Rainfall?

Convectional rainfall mostly occurs in the equatorial regions. High temperature in the equatorial regions results in a high rate of evaporation

Water Cycle

The process through which water keeps on changing its form and circulates between the oceans, atmosphere and land is known as the water cycle

What are Clouds?

Clouds are masses of small water droplets or small crystals of ice that float in the atmosphere away from the surface of the Earth. When warm air rises into the sky, it cools down and condenses into small droplets of water around dust particles floating in the air.

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