Why the Judge of the High Court cannot practice law in the same Court after his retirement?

The Judge of a High Court cannot practice law in the same court after his retirement so that the former colleagues and associates do not get influenced by his/her presence while making decisions. He can practice in the Supreme Court or any other Court in which he has not been a Judge (in other States).


The High Courts and Subordinate Courts

The Constitution of India has provided for a High Court for each state. However, there may be one High Court for two states or union territories. This depends on the area and the population of the state or a union territory. There are 21 High Courts in India. Delhi is the only union territory which has a High Court of its own. Read more

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Human rights refer to freedoms and rights which should be available to all human beings irrespective of their caste, class, gender and religion. These rights include the right to life, the right to freedom of speech and expression, the right to equality, the right to education etc. Read more

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