Definition of Environment

The environment is an essential component of human lives. The environment provides us with the vital ingredients that are necessary for the survival of life. Definition of Environment is written below

Definition of Environment

Our surroundings comprise a variety of living elements (plants, trees, animals, etc.) and non-living elements (air, water, mountains, etc.). Both these types of elements affect our existence. Without them, life would not be possible. Together living and non-living elements make up the environment.

Environment, thus, includes all biotic factors (i.e. living elements) and abiotic factors (i.e. non-living elements). It is the sum total of the surroundings and resources that affect our existence and quality of life. In other words, the environment encompasses biotic and abiotic components and their relations.

An important characteristic of the environment is that it is ever-changing. For example, air and water circulate continuously, thereby causing changes in climatic conditions. Similarly, certain species of animals and plants disappear and, at the same time, some other species of creatures appear in the environment. We can, thus, say that environment is dynamic in nature.

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