Factors Leading to the Rise of Non Aligned Movement (NAM)

Factors that Led to the Rise of Non Aligned Movement are as follows

Rise of Non Aligned Movement

Global tension caused by Cold War

Many newly emerged independent Asian and African nations did not want to join any of the power blocs as they realized it would hamper world peace.

Struggle against imperialism and neo-colonization

Asian and African nations had become independent after long years of struggle against the colonial powers. They did not want the Western and European nations to dominate their foreign policy after they become a part of any bloc.

Independent foreign policy

The non-aligned members discarded the idea of any outside interference in their domestic and international affairs.


The newly independent nations of Asia and Africa wanted to promote peace and goodwill among them and to work for increasing mutual interests by establishing friendly relations with all countries.

Restructuring international economic order

Most of the Asian and African countries were economically backward. They needed capital and technological know-how to improve their economic conditions. Thus, they wanted to keep themselves off from every political alliance and pursue the policy of NAM.

Formation of Capital Force

The Asian and African nations realized that they need to form a collective force. Being common victims of economic exploitation and political domination by European countries, they had a sense of affinity which led them to cooperate with each other.

Main features of NAM

  • Not to join any powerful military bloc
  • Opposed to any kind of military alliances such as NATO, SEATO, Warsaw Pact
  • Freedom to take independent decisions related to country’s foreign policy
  • To participate in world affairs
  • To judge issues on merit .

At the New Delhi Conference held in March 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru highlighted the dangers posed by the hostility between the two power blocs and stressed the need for the Asian countries to work for maintaining world peace. Division of the world into two main blocs increased the race of armaments among Western and Eastern European countries which disturbed world peace several times.

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