Power Sectors in India

Power/electricity is the most widely used source of energy in India. Many of our day-to-day activities are dependent on electricity. It forms the backbone of the activities of all the sectors of the economy. All sectors such as the industrial sector, households, transport, agricultural sector, and communication are heavily dependent on power sectors in India.

Power Sectors in India

There are three main power sectors in India. They are as follows.

Thermal power: Thermal power uses heat energy from coal and oil as its base for the production of electricity. In India, thermal power is the most important source of electricity generation. It accounts for nearly 70% of the total power generation capacity.

Hydroelectric power: Hydroelectric power involves the production of electricity through the use of the kinetic force of falling water. For generating hydroelectric power, India has constructed various dams on the fast-flowing rivers. Some of the major dams that are used for the generation of hydroelectric power are Bhakra Nangal, Hirakund and Damodar Valley. Hydroelectric power accounts for nearly 28 % of the total power generation capacity in the country.

Nuclear power: Nuclear power is still not much developed in India. It contributes a meagre 2 % of the total power generation. However, increasing efforts are being made to harness nuclear energy. India has set up nuclear power stations at Tarapur, Kota (Rajasthan), Kalapakam (Tamil Nadu) and Narora (Uttar Pradesh).

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