What is the United Nations?

The League of Nations was formed after the First World War to establish peace in the world. However, it was not able to prevent the outbreak of the Second World War. Lethal destructive weapons like atom bombs were used during the Second World War. These weapons were so powerful that they could destroy the entire world. The leaders realized the need for establishing a powerful organization which could play an important role in preventing any wars and maintaining peace and security. The United Nations was formed after the end of the Second World War.

Origin of the United Nations

  • Even during the war, leaders of Allied Governments like the President of USA, F. D. Roosevelt, and the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill realized the dangers posed by war.
  • They held many discussions, and as a result of these discussions and debates, the decision to form the UN was taken.
  • The Charter of the UN was drafted at San Francisco in June 1945. The UN formally came into existence on 24 October 1945 when the Charter was ratified by 29 nations.

Aims and Objectives of the United Nations

  • To maintain international peace and security.
  • To develop friendly relations among nations.
  • To achieve international cooperation in resolving international, economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems.
  • To work diligently for establishing peaceful relations among countries and for achieving the aims of the UN.

Principles of the UN

  • To respect the sovereign equality of all its members.
  • All obligations should be fulfilled by member nations in good faith.
  • Member nations should neither threaten nor use force against any other nation.
  • Member nations should support and assist the UN in every action which is taken by it.
  • The UN should not interfere in internal affairs of any country.
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Some Facts about the United Nations

  • Headquarters of all the organs of the United Nations are based in New York, USA except the International Court of Justice which is located at the Hague in the Netherlands.
  • Its flag is light blue, and in the middle is the polar map of the world embraced by olive branches. The flag was adopted on 20 October 1947.
  • Expenditures of the UN are met by the contributions made by member countries.
  • There are 193 member countries of the United Nations.
  • India is an original member of the UN as it participated in the San Francisco Conference. India was represented by Jawaharlal Nehru.
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